Me Before You and The Theory of Everything Save Lives

Stephen Hawking vs Will Traynor

Me Before You and The Theory of Everything Save Lives

Me before You is a popular movie directed by Thea Sharrock. In the film, the main character, a sweet and naive Louisa, falls in love with the opulent but disabled neighbor Will Traynor. The Theory of Everything is another movie in which the main character (Stephen Hawking) battles his decease. Both films feature people with disabilities who are hopeful, who find ways to live a happy life.

How do Me Before You and The Theory of Everything Save Lives?

In both movies, the main characters Will and Stephen are depicted as strong minded individuals. The illness hit them hard, but they found ways to deal with what life had thrown at them.

What Do The Movies Teach Us?

In both films, the embittered characters find ways to live (not without the support of their loved ones). Love is a miraculous feeling that changes our lives. It inspires us and opens up new possibilities… The movies show us the importance of love and how much this feeling matters when it comes to going through hardships.

Love in Modern World

Nowadays love is often depicted in the form of sex and pornography. The strength and depth of love are often left aside, we don’t talk about such things anymore. Me Before You and The Theory of Everything are a perfect reminder to all of us what the true definition of love is; it’s not an emotion but an intangible connection established between people.