Top 4 Sites That Could Beat Fandango

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Top 4 Sites That Could Beat Fandango

Fandango rose to fame in the 2000s due to its organized system of selling movie tickets in the United States. These days the site is still doing well, it’s going strong. However, competition from other online platforms has been popping up over the years. Here are Four Sites That Could Beat Fandango.

Number 1: Moviefone

Moviefone is a part of the global, mobile media technology company AOL. The site is famous for its simplicity. Essentially, Moviefone is much easier to use compared to Fandango. You can find movie showtimes and purchase tickets online in a blink of an eye. All Major movie theaters collaborate with Moviefone these days.

Number 2: Yahoo! Movies

Despite its dubious reputation and multiple fails in the past, Yahoo is still one of the biggest platforms on the Internet. It is the fourth biggest site in the world. 

On Yahoo! Movies you can buy tickets online and find and read multiple user reviews of the movies. Yahoo! Movies has a simple design and user interface.

Number 3: is one of the biggest sources for movies, film reviews, and tickets. The site has a plenty of things to offer in one pot. It is an official partner of Together the two can easily destroy Fandango.

Number 4.

Movietickets is perhaps the most direct competitor of Fandango. With over 100 partners, the company is growing increadibly quickly. According to Similarweb, the website’s traffic grew by 1 Million Unique visitors over the past two months.

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