You Can Become Gay if You Watch Disney

You Can Become Gay if You Watch Disney

The title of this article You can Become Gay if you Watch Disney is not as weird as one might think. This is a story of a man who confessed – he became gay after watching several Disney films.

A Little Boy Turned Into a Little Girl

John became a true Disney fan at the age of 12. He watched everything from Mickey Mouse to Ariel. At his spare time, the boy imitated Little Mermaid. One day, John realized that he began living the life of his favorite character, the Little Mermaid. He went falling on couches with his feet locked together; John leaned sideways in front of his bathroom mirror with one hand held out longingly. He almost drowned in a swimming pool when he was sitting cross-legged on the bottom of the pool, trying to imitate the Little Mermaid.

Why Do People Become Gay?

John is just an example of how popular culture influences our mind. From the age of 12, John believed that acting like Disney character is normal. It seems like his parents never argued about it. As a result, media corrupted the soul of an innocent boy. Pure oddities of John turned into abnormalities.

From the Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast

John never changed his views. Moreover, several years later, when Beauty and the Beast Musical included the “gay moment” for Lefou, John finally came out of the closet. It was a sign for him. He no longer felt like a straight man. He became a Disney living in a rainbow castle.


When I was a child, I watched documentaries about Yuri Gagarin and Extraterrestrials on the black and white television. I wanted to become a superhero who would help people and make this world better. I tried to imitate real heroes and not the Yellow and Pink creatures of Disney Movies. But it’s just me… Apparently, the times have changed. There are too many heroes!

You Can Become Gay if You Watch Disney