Hollywood Promotes Marijuana and Prostitution

Hollywood Promotes Marijuana and Prostitution

Hollywood promotes marijuana and prostitution. Why is that? You may ask. Well, it’s a matter of supply and demand. If you (a Hollywood producer) create something “good” and beneficial for society, most likely nobody (but old ladies and nerds) will watch your film. Nobody cares about helping the poor in Africa or saving animals in Syberia. We want to watch trash full of sex, drugs, and alcohol. Don’t we?

Hollywood Teaches How to Smoke Weed

There are a plenty of Hollywood movies that teach how to smoke pot. Here are a few examples of stoner movies:


This film is about three dudes who cheated their way through university. The movie is full of crime scenes, naked chicks, and weed.

There’s No Hope With Dope

This is yet another movie about pot. It’s full of police sirens and Mexican morons, topped with smoking marijuana.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Unlike the previous two films, this one has good intentions. The Movie “Walk Hard” is designed to educate youth about the dangers of Marijuana. However, every time you say “NO” to young people, it means “YES” to them. Everything bad is a synonym of “Good” for the majority of kids and teens.

Hollywood Promotes Prostitution

As mentioned earlier, prostitution is one of the biggest topics in cinematography. Who will agree to watch a Hollywood Movie if there is no action (no sex scene)?! Below is the list of three Hollywood Movies that promote prostitution.

Hustle and Blow

Hustle and Blow movie glorifies pimping. Oh yeah, prostitution here is a source of inspiration rather than the corruption of the “Temple of God.”

Pretty Woman

This movie is about a prostitute romance. Being a slut, she is depicted as one of the most innocent ladies on the globe. Her heart belongs to the only one Prince Charming. A true love story, isn’t it?

Taxi Driver

This movie is about sexual solicitation in NYC. The main protagonist is trying to rescue an underaged prostitute, which involves a lot of action, blood, and a shooting spree.
Hollywood Promotes Marijuana and Prostitution