China Bans Environmental Movies; Elon Musk Doesn’t Care

China Bans Environmental Movies; Elon Musk Doesn't Care

The documentary Under the Dome by the famous TV anchor Chai Jing outlines some of the most serious problems that China faces today – the environmental problems. From smog-blackened lungs to poisoned arteries, the film highlights some of the real harms caused by pollution.

Under the Dome was supposed to be shown in many movie theaters in China. However, the Chinese Government downplayed and eventually banned the movie shortly after its release.

Full Control of the Economy

Environmental movies are important. However, in modern China, it’s still hard to deliver a bold environmental message to the people. China has full control of its Economy.

Despite the Chinese government’s actions toward the aforementioned film, the authorities have stepped up and increased fines for those who violate the recent Environmental Protection Law of 2015. With this implementation, hundreds of business violators were penalized and operationally banned. And the Chinese government didn’t stop there. It seems to have taken a more detailed approach in minimizing emissions.

China Has Its Black List

As the documentary suggests, pollution is one of the biggest problems in China. Thus, the government seems to be very strict towards those who violate the rules. China has its blacklist of companies and individuals who offer to finance producers of coal. However, perhaps it does not matter. It’s the era of clean energy and Elon Musk.

Environmental Movies: SolarCity

Bloomberg recently released its short documentary called “It’s Elon Musk vs. Warren Buffett in the Fight for the Future of Solar.” The video outlines the benefits of solar energy and its positive effects on all of us. With an eye towards the future, pollution is no longer as trending. We should be better than our ancestors, so let’s focus on Solar.

I am not a big fan of documentaries like “Under the Dome.” In my opinion, the media should show more optimism towards the future. Thus, I wish there were more films about clean energy, self-driving cars, and plans for Mars colonization.

China Bans Environmental Movies; Elon Musk Doesn't Care