Disney ‘Has Problems’ with Apple TV

Disney 'Has Problems' with Apple TV

We all know that Apple TV box seems to show signs of an iOS-style home game console. While some people seem to be excited, the disappointment is inevitable. The strongest signs of this disappointment are coming by way of Disney Interactive. They’ve dropped support for the Apple device, ending cooperation with them for the time being.

Disney 'Has Problems' with Apple TV


Struggles between Apple TV and Disney seem to be based on Disney Infinity 3.0,  a program that was launched on Apple TV in November. Support was just dropped, which means that no new features will be released from here on out. Instead, they will turn their attention from Apple to more traditional gaming platforms, like Xbox and Playstation. For those gamers who have already made an investment in Infinity, that spells bad news.


Apple had some large ambitions for Disney Infinity. It was one of the most full-featured games to launch with the hardware. It was supposed to be a deep and comprehensive gaming experience that rivaled other consoles in every way. Instead, the family-friendly household brand just couldn’t find a way to succeed on Apple TV. Before anyone points fingers at Disney, it should be noted that they are far from the only ones that have problems with Apple.


Back in December, Touch Arcade stated that even the most popular games on the Apple TV store were bringing in just $100 a day in revenue. Thus, one doesn’t need to be an expert to know that those profits won’t even sustain a semi-professional developer. To make matters worse, it seems that thousands of games on the Apple store are making far less. Apple just isn’t that attractive for the gaming market, at least not for the time being. Their hardware is still pretty young at this point. One must remember, this is the creator of Angry Birds that we’re talking about. Apple has it in them to be successful in the gaming world, but at the moment, the momentum is not in their favor.