The Movies Got it Wrong; It Ain’t Pretty

The Movies Got it Wrong; It Ain't Pretty

If you were to travel around the world and ask people to describe what they see when they hear the word Surfing, they would respond with similar answers.

The average surfing picture includes a shining sun, a wide-open beach, large waves crashing, and beautiful women chilling in the sand watching the surfer. Unfortunately, they got that last part wrong. The women in the surf documentary It Ain’t Pretty are definitely not cheerleaders. They live for adventure. For them, it’s the thrill, the danger, and the adrenaline rush that make their lives worth living.

What is It Ain’t Pretty?

It Ain’t Pretty is a film about the women who surf in San Francisco’s Ocean beach. This is far from the ordinary surfing scene you typically watch in the movies. Surfing in the Bay Area is no picnic. It is cold, foggy, heavy, and located in the Red Triangle. This is the perfect habitat for the infamously “friendly” Great White Shark. Do you have the balls to pursue a passion, knowing that you can be gently floating above one of the most fearsome ocean predators?

What Does Drive Surf Women?

It Ain’t Pretty looks to follow each woman on her journey in the surf and to find out what drives her. Why does she continuously travel back to the unforgiving ocean? The goal of the film is to spread the story of the women who seek adventure. In addition, it the movie highlights a unique experience of a “minority” in the rough waters.

Surfing is not just a hobby to these women. It’s a passion that has grown so strong within that they are willing to risk the danger that comes with it. These women are not professionals; they do not get paid to surf. Why risk your life for something that has the potential for something so hazardous? Perhaps it is because we live in a world where it is a constant struggle to stay afloat, and it is surfing that sets their minds at ease.

The Movies Got it Wrong; It Ain't Pretty