This Camera Will Help You Film Movies For Youtube Live 360

This Camera Will Help You Film Movies For Youtube Live 360

Virtual reality will become an actuality. With all the hype surrounding the Oculus Rift, it certainly seems that mankind is ready to embrace this new technology. Here to help lead the way is, of course, Google. More specifically, Youtube. The company has recently announced preparation to present their live 360-degree videos. It is pretty much exactly how it sounds. Users will be able to control the camera in a full range of 360 degrees. While the process is still in the works, devices such as the Sphericam aim to bring virtual reality to you.

This Camera Will Help You Film Movies For Youtube Live 360


Youtube has always been about sharing your world with others through the process of the video. For the most part, since cameras have one lens, that perspective has been limited. Until now. The Sphericam is a stunning 360-degree camera that will give users the power to produce their own virtual reality content. Since the Sphericam is only the size of a tennis ball, you do not need any heavy lifting. You can build a 360-degree video anywhere you want. Given the nature of some videos on Youtube (and the minds of some sick people), this is possibly concerning. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful advancement.


Six cameras lie within the confines of this tiny orb. They coordinate with each other to capture the surrounding atmosphere in 4K resolution. The outer shell is crafted from aluminum and is very durable. In addition, Wi-Fi and streaming capabilities are built in. Thus, it provides users with easy access to viewing and sharing their content. The device’s mobile app can have you quickly posting YouTube videos from your smartphone or computer.


As the old adage goes, With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility. If YouTube has shown us anything, it is that people are into watching both fascinating and completely mindless content. Here is a question. Are we ready to experience cat video compilations in the virtual reality? Ponder upon that one for a while.