Vladimir Putin Hates GTA 5; PS4 Fans Are Shocked

Vladimir Putin Hates GTA 5; PS4 Fans Are Shocked

Do you look like any GTA 5 or Harry Potter characters? If you do, you may be able to sue for some big money. You may be asking yourself what Harry Potter and GTA have in common. The iconic game and the best-selling book and blockbuster may have used real life people to make their characters more appealing psychologically. Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit against GTA 5 and Russian President Vladimir Putin could sue Warner Brothers over a Harry Potter-Putin likeness as well. Does this mean Putin hates GTA? PS4 fans are shocked and simply don’t get it.

GTA 5 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Has Opened the Door for Putin to Get Revenge Against Harry Potter

A GTA 5 character that supposedly resembles Lindsay Lohan became the subject of a lawsuit in 2014. However, a judge recently throughout the claim in court siding with Rockstar. The lawsuit is up for appeal if Lohan wishes to pursue it, but there may not be much else to say or do. Rockstar does have some characters that may be pretty close to real life people, but the game remains a work of fiction according to a judge’s recent ruling. The lawsuit, however, opens the doors for Putin to get revenge against Harry Potter.

Putin upset over a Harry Potter character and has plans to sue; GTA 5 should be careful

Russian lawyers are planning to take legal action against Warner Brothers and Harry Potter producers over a similar character likeness issue. The character Dobby, an elf in the movie has Putin pissed. When comparing Dobby and the Russian president side-by-side it is hard not to see the resemblance. In a funny twist, a survey of 5,500 votes found a 54 percent likeness between the two. And some believe they were separated at birth. Will there be another GTA 5-like lawsuit?

Putin is Not the Only One Seeing Double; George Bush and GTA 5 Lohan Make an Interesting Case

Lohan’s GTA 5 case may have stalled, but the Dobby and Putin case may be next in the courtroom. The Russian President has always had a flare for the dramatic. However, this time, he may be invading Warner Brothers studios. Could this bizarre situation be the catalyst for the predicted nuclear war? Reports of George Bush being not so happy about his likeness to Gollum could also be another lawsuit waiting to happen as well. Putin should sue, because, let’s face it, no one wants to be Dobby the elf. At least Lohan’s GTA 5 likeness is sexy.

Vladimir Putin Hates GTA 5; PS4 Fans Are Shocked